Sunday, November 28, 2010

Looking for the Ultimate Gift?

Every year, there seems to be one gift that is highly requested. For this year, I have to say that the Sit-Upon by the Gypsy Quilter has to be that gift.

Let's face it...with all the hours we spend at the sewing machine it's nice to have a cushion to ease the aches and pains.

With a CSRP of $38.40, it is priced just right. Don't delay, there is a limited amount of stock available before Christmas.


Friday, November 26, 2010

A New Ruler From Cozy Quilt Designs

Now if I only I only had a few spare moments to sew these days, I think I would be playing with this new ruler from Sharyn Craig.
The Cutting Corners Ruler gives you the simple accurate measurements to eliminate a corner from a block, a square, a rectangle or triangle, while leaving the seam allowance on the remaining piece. Just add another fabric and turn plain blocks into complex beauties.
CQD05003 ~ $25.18 CSRP ( this includes a 16 page instruction booklet)
Too cool for words!!!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Once Again....Top Dog Ruler

Once again the Strip Tube Ruler by Cozy Quilt Designs rules the world of Rulers and Templates! I have personally had so much fun with this ruler since it came into our warehouse. By keeping the pattern simple (my favorite is the Daniela block that comes with the ruler) and changing the fabrics from you can get very excited about the projects you can make.

So here is the list of the Top 25 Rulers & Templates for this year.

1. CQD5001 Strip Tube Ruler
2. XB75D X-Block Tool 7 1/2"
3. XB65D X-Block Tool 6 1/2"
4. OMRN8524 Omnigrip 8 1/2" x 24" Ruler
5. EBD04 7" Crazy Curves Template Set
6. O1071820 Olfa Non-Slip 6" x 24" Ruler
7. PSQ501 Batting Buddy
8. OMRN24 Omnigrip 6" x 24" Ruler
9. EBD01 3 1/2" Small Paths Template Set
10. OMR1 Omnigrid 1" x 6" Ruler
11. EB2010 Triangle Square Up Ruler 6 1/2"
12. EB2007 Large Flying Geese Ruler
13. MM8954 Set L Perfect Patchwork Templates
14. OMR24 Omnigrid 6" x 24" Ruler
15. OMRN65 Omnigrip 6 1/2" Square
16. PFA04TOOL 10 Degree Wedge Ruler
17. CVTR010 10" Clearview Triangle
18. JT797 Shape Cut Plus (12" x 18")
19. EB2006 Small Flying Geese Ruler
20. MM8251 Set A Perfect Patchwork Templates
21. FPR7845 Quarter Inch Seam Marker
22. OMRN125 Omnigrip 12 1/2" Square
23. XB75DM Mini X-Block Tool 7 1/2"
24. CVSR20 Super 60 Ruler
25. MM8963 Equilateral Triangle 3" -9" - Large

Take a look at what rulers and templates you have in your store. The ones listed above have proven to be great sellers.


Monday, November 22, 2010

Top Selling Notions

No suspense here!!!! With the amount of rotary cutting that is happening in the Quilt World, it comes as no surprise that the RB45-1 is the # 1 Selling Notion. To take it one step further, this item is QuiltSource Canada's # 1 Selling Product (in units) for the year.

1. O9452 RB45-1 45 mm Replacement Blade

2. QE3025 505 Basting Spray 250 ml can

3. FP7757 Mechanical Pencil

4. CN482/W White Handle Seam Ripper

5. O9654 RTY-2/DX 45 mm Deluxe Rotary Cutter

6. Q1709 Schmetz Universal Needles 80/12

7. Q7216 Curved Safety Pins 1 1/2"

8. Q3004 Extra Fine Glasshead Pins 1 3/8"

9. COSM60229 Thimble-It

10. QT0209GS Small/Medium Machingers

11. Q3115 Template Plastic 12" x 18"

12. QE3075 505 Basting Spray 500 ml can

13. O9881 RM-MG 18" x 24" Self-Healing Rotary Mat

14. CN2501 Silk Pins Boxed

15. CN517 White Ink Marker

16. BFBS/B Blue Bobbin Saver

17. CMD02 6" Add A Quarter

18. FP7766 Water Soluble Fabric Glue Stick

19. LIT039 Purple Thang

20. O9455 RB60-1 60 mm replacement blade

21. CN515 Water Soluble Fine Marker

22. DWLED01 Bendable Bright Light

23. QT0209GL Medium/Large Machingers

24. OM2101 Invisigrip

25. FP7758 Mechanical Pencil Dark Refill

So take a lesson from this list. As much as you may think that notions are nickel and dime, they sure can help to pay the bills. Your customers will always need notions to sew and quilt. It doesn't matter why they come through your doors. Once they are there you can show them all the other treasures that you have.

Happy Sewing,


Friday, November 19, 2010

Hot Patterns for Some Cool Stuff

It was not surprize to me when I ran to Top-Selling Pattern List and found Grids & Grommets to be the # 1 selling pattern year to date. All of these patterns are great projects. How about looking at this list for inspiration for class projects.
1. IJ805 Grids & Grommets
2. ATK126 Yellow Brick Road
3. ATK150 Pockets to Go
4. MIQ705 BQ
5. ATK149 Zippy Strippy
6. ATK147 Happy Holidays
7. ATK146 Fire Escape
8. ANK295 Bella Bag
9. AT208 Bali Weave Biscuit Basket
10. ATK148 Ca$h & Carry
11. QWJD01 Table Graces
12. RF144 Under the Stars
13. KB01 Magic Tiles
14. ATK152 Popsicle Sticks
15. ABQ140 Home Cooking Casserole Cover
16. CQS070 Big & Bold
17. MIQ965 BQ2
18. ATK129 Lucky Star
19. MIQ154 Sidelines
20. ATK137 Waffle Time Table Runner
21. XB003D Venetian Tiles
22. ATK151 Urban Log Cabin
23. MIQ141 Wallet & Grommet
24. PSQ101 Fun & Done Easy Diamonds
25. AWU01 Just Can't Cut It
P.S. Did you notice how many of the top selling patterns belong to Atkinson Designs?
Until next time,

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Art to Heart Tops The List Again!!!

Talk about a hot streak for Art to Heart! We can pretty well guarentee that an Art to Heart book will always hold a top spot on our Listing of the Top Books for the Year. This year they hold # 1 & # 2 spot.

1. ATH541 Garden Song
2. ATH542 Tidings
3. XBBK1D Once Upon a Time In X-Block Land
4. ANK294 On The Run
5. EB1080 Day & Night Quilt
6. CQD04006 Strip Tubing Book
7. ATK606 Let's Do Lunch
8. ATH540 New Necessary
9. ATK605 Happy Hour
10. EB1042 Log Cabin - 20th Anniversary Edition
11. TPP1016 Twist & Turn Bargello
12. CT10432 French Braid Quilts
13. LN92856 Sew Simple Pineapple
14. FF105 Turning Twenty-The Original
15. CT10716 One Block Wonders Cubed!
16. AQS8146 Jelly Roll Quilts & More
17. CT10689 Quilted Symphony
18. CG222 Stellar Quilts
19. FF111 Turning Twenty...Again
20. KR8638 Jelly Roll Quilts
21. CG1111 Judy Martin's Log Cabin
22. TPP996 Skinny Quilts & TableRunners II
23. BUG614 Positively Crazy
24. MM8025 Machine Quilting In Sections
25. AQS8011 Quilt Art Engagement Calendar

Happy Quilting,


Thursday, November 11, 2010

November 11, 2010
Proud to Be Canadian.
Take A Moment to Say
Thank You
to all of our Service Men and Service Women.